• Peckham Levels is home to restaurants, bars, artist studios, and a space where people can listen to talks and watch performances.
  • It’s built in the car park building around Frank’s Cafe and the Peckhamplex cinema.
  • The developers of Peckham Levels also set up container park Pop Brixton, which is proving to be very popular.

Above the reasonably priced Peckhamplex cinema (£5 a ticket!) in Peckham, London, is an old Sainsbury’s car park that’s been given a new lease of life.

Peckham carpark

The car park — well known among young South Londoners because of trendy Frank’s Cafe (located on the roof) and the odd art exhibition — was occupied by squatters after the supermarket closed its doors in 1983 and it became a hangout for drug taking and prostitution.

Now the site — dubbed Peckham Levels — is populated with colourful businesses, bars, and restaurants that sit alongside “No Entry” signs and car park spaces.

Luds van den Belt, Peckham Levels site director, told Business Insider ahead of the December 9 launch that there was “lots of heroin and lots of homelessness” before the developers took over.

“You’ve got to remember that a year ago, this place was inaccessible,” said van den Belt in November during a tour of Peckham Levels. “When we took over this space (and I’m not saying it was a good thing), we had to clear out a lot of homelessness. We had to do hygienic cleans of the whole space because it was full of needles, full of drugs.”

Van den Belt added: “[It was] a massive prostitution area. All these floors were empty and they weren’t being used as a car park space but you know it’d be perfect for people to do whatever they wanted to do.

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