2012 macbook pro

I’ve just been thrust back into using my old 2012 MacBook Pro, as my new-ish 2016 Touchbar model has a problem with its keyboard and is currently being repaired by Apple.

Going back to older devices can be a negative experience, as newer models usually come with new features and improvements that should make older models feel obsolete.

Instead, my old MacBook Pro is making my new model feel less useful.

Indeed, Apple has made some questionable changes to its more recent MacBook Pros that I thought I’d highlight.

Check out four things that my old MacBook Pro does better than my newer model:

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A reliable keyboard.

Apple’s started using its second iteration of its Butterfly keyboards, simply called Butterfly 2, in the 2016 MacBook Pro, and it’s been a somewhat divisive feature. The keys are almost completely flat and they’re designed to press down more evenly than regular keys. Some love it, others hate it.

I actually quite like the Butterfly 2 keyboard, but it is insanely loud to type on. And it’s not quite as comfortable to type on as the chunky keys on my old MacBook pro.

With that said, the Butterfly 2 is more susceptible to problems. My “g” key randomly started double-registering – where I pressed it once and two Gs appear on my screen. Sometimes, my MacBook Pro wouldn’t register my “g” key at all. That’s incredibly frustrating for someone who’s job it is to write. The word “Google” would often appear as “oogle, ggooggle,” or simply “oole.” I went to CES with this problem, and it was a pain.

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