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  • The US government has granted Ford a patent to develop police cars with autonomous capabilities.
  • The police car would be linked via wireless connection to surveillance cameras, traffic law databases, and surrounding cars.
  • Patent documents say it could help chase down offenders and record traffic offences.
  • Scroll down to see designs from the original patent documents.

Ford has been granted a patent to develop autonomous police cars which could ultimately have the capability to chase down speeding drivers and give them a ticket.

The US car company, which produces cars for police forces in the UK and the US, was granted a patent earlier this month to develop cars with the capability to carry out police work independent of human officers.

According to designs seen by Business Insider, the future cars could independently find hiding places, detect vehicles breaking the law, and chase down drivers.

The designers envision car-to-car technology which would let the patrol vehicle check whether a car was being driven manually or automatically, scan the driver’s licence, and, if need be, issue a ticket remotely.

The goal of the autonomous police car, Ford says, is not to replace human police officers, but to help them with “routine police tasks.”

The company said in its patent, which was first filed in July 2016: “Routine police tasks, such as issuing tickets for speeding or failure to stop at a stop sign, can be automated so that human police officers can perform tasks that cannot be automated.”

The graphics below show how they would work.

ford police car patent

The car (labelled 110) would be equipped with sensors (115), such as cameras and a laser system, that would allow it to catch traffic offenders.

Using deep neural networks — a form of machine learning — it would then find a good hiding spot from Read More Here