It involves fancy dinners, prostitutes, and lots of alcohol.

The US Navy is now investigating more than 60 admirals and hundreds of other Navy officers because of their possible involvement in a bribery and fraud case that has become the worst corruption scandal in the service’s history.

As the Washington Post’s Craig Whitlock reports, the admirals caught up in the so-called “Fat Leonard” scandal allegedly attended fancy meals — and post-dinner romps that sometimes included prostitutes and lots of alcohol — throughout Asia, paid for by a defense contractor named Leonard Glenn Francis. Francis is already in jail in San Diego because he pleaded guilty in January 2015 to charges of bribery and fraud; his bribes and fraudulent invoices helped him overcharge the Navy for his services by around $35 million. He’s now cooperating with authorities.

In total, 440 active-duty and retired sailors are currently under scrutiny for possibly violating ethics rules in their dealings with Francis’s company, Glenn Defense Marine Asia. So far, criminal charges have been filed against 29 people, with at least one retired rear admiral serving prison time.

Here’s what you need to know about the “Fat Leonard” scandal that is threatening some of the most senior officials in the US Navy.

“The KGB could not have done what he did”

At the core of the scandal was a tit-for-tat that allowed Francis to gain unprecedented access from top Navy officials such as admirals — the highest-ranking officials in the US Navy, equivalent to generals in the Army, Marines, or Air Force.

As the Washington Post reports, the Singapore-based Francis bribed officers of the Navy’s Seventh Fleet — the service’s largest fleet that operates in Asia — with gifts like prostitutes, money, and vacations while they docked in his ports from Russia to Read More Here