Naomi Gleit Facebook

  • Facebook VP of Social Good Naomi Gleit, who is the company’s second longest-serving employee, told Business Insider why her team isn’t judged by traditional business metrics.
  • CEO Mark Zuckerberg told Gleit that the company measures her team’s success based on “positive, real-world actions.”
  • That directive includes Facebook’s crisis response and fundraising tools.

By all measures, Facebook’s business is booming.

But at least one part of the company has no intention of driving profits. As VP of Social Good, Naomi Gleit leads the team responsible for Facebook’s crisis response hub, fundraising efforts, and other similar tools.

Gleit, who is Facebook’s second longest-serving employee after CEO Mark Zuckerberg, recently spoke with Business Insider about why her team was formed three years ago and why it’s not driven by traditional business metrics. She refuted the idea that the organization was formed to make Facebook look like more of a positive and altruistic force at a time when it’s under scrutiny for spreading fake news and misinformation around the world.

“I think that it’s actually quite the opposite,” she said during a recent interview. “Because Mark has said, ‘Your goal and the way that we measure your success is positive, real-world actions.’ There’s no business KPI [key performance indicator]. There’s no brand sentiment metric. There are no dollars, outside of dollars raised for charity. So those are our metrics we’re trying to measure against. They really are quite pure.”

At Facebook’s second annual Social Good Forum event in New York City this week, Gleit’s team announced a handful of updates, most notably the removal of all transaction fees for registered nonprofits that want to raise money on Facebook. The social network will now pay the roughly 5% fee per transaction, a move that garnered loud applause from a crowd of nonprofit partners during Wednesday’s event.

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