Why self-imposed standards are the best thing a creative project can have.

“I’m blessed or cursed with the worst poker face in history,” Phil Rosenthal says, when I ask what makes him such a great host for a food show. “You can tell what I’m thinking. It reads all over me. I could never lie very well to my parents. They always knew. Some people have that face. I guess I have that face. If people laugh, if they get enjoyment, if they say, ‘Oh, I can taste it, because of the way that your face is tasting it,’ that’s great! I’m happy to help.”

Rosenthal is one of my favorite people to talk to in all of the entertainment industry, because he combines true showbiz savvy with a real affection for making people laugh that reminds me of my funniest uncles growing up. So I was thrilled to have him join me for the latest episode of my podcast, I Think You’re Interesting.

Rosenthal could have easily rested on his laurels from Everybody Loves Raymond, the classic comedy he co-created with Ray Romano that ran for nine seasons on CBS, from 1996 to 2005. The show stood as a beautiful example of the family sitcom at a time when it seemed to be on its last legs, and many members of its cast (four of whom won Emmys for their performances) and most of its writers have found huge success elsewhere since it went off the air.

But in more recent years, Rosenthal has set his sights on making a show about two of his favorite things in the world: travel and food. In Somebody Feed Phil, whose newest season debuts Friday, January 12, Read More Here