EOS Has a $1 Billion War Chest – But Will Dan Larimer Stick Around Long Enough to Enjoy It?

On paper, EOS is a $6 billion company and the 14th largest cryptocurrency project in the world whose token changes hands for $10 a pop. It has raised over $700 million to date in the world’s longest running ICO, which began last June. By the time it’s done, the company, led by Dan Larimer, will have a $1 billion war chest at its disposal. The question is, will the charismatic founder stick around long enough to spend these riches?

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The Curious Case of the Man with the Itchy Feet

Dan Larimer is one of the crypto world’s best known entrepreneurs. The companies he’s founded – Steemit, Bitshares, and now EOS – are worth billions, making Mr Larimer as wealthy as he is successful. Everything the programmer-turned-visionary touches turns to gold. Then, once the Virginia graduate has gotten his latest platform up and running, he packs his bags and moves on to the next thing.

EOS Has a $1 Billion War Chest – But Will Dan Larimer Stick Around Long Enough to Enjoy It?
Dan Larimer

Fans of Dan Larimer’s work – of which there are many – see the EOS founder as an archetypal genius: blessed with too many ideas and talents to stay in one place for too long. Hagiographies portray Larimer as a visionary ahead of his time. If it wasn’t for Larimer jumping ship, the crypto community would never have had Steem or EOS. Thus, the loss to the projects Larimer leaves is the cryptocurrency world’s gain. Others aren’t so sure though, seeing the Bitshares founder’s itchy feet as evidence that his projects lack long-term viability. It’s easy to lead from the Read More Here