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  • Elon Musk founded the Boring Company to build underground tunnels that could create the infrastructure for new forms of transit, like Hyperloop.
  • Boring Company operations chief Jehn Balajadia received a mixed response at a city council meeting for LA County’s Culver City when he argued for permission to build part of a 6.5-mile “proof of concept tunnel” beneath the city.
  • The meeting showed that the Boring Company still has plenty of work to do persuading city governments before its dreams of revolutionizing transportation can become a reality.

Elon Musk founded the Boring Company because he was frustrated with Los Angeles’ notorious traffic. By building a series of underground tunnels, Musk hopes the company will create the infrastructure for new forms of transit, like Hyperloop, that will allow people to travel faster and face less congestion.

But the Boring Company is still in the early stages of testing its tunnel-digging technology. While it received approval to dig a two-mile test tunnel beneath the headquarters of Musk’s space travel company, SpaceX, in Hawthorne, California, the Boring Company will have to convince a number of local governments that its tunnels will be useful in order to conduct enough research and development to make an operational tunnel network a reality.

City officials have questions about the plan

The problem is that city and local governments may be hesitant to accept liability for the risks the tunnels may pose to existing infrastructure or let private companies compete with public transit systems. These concerns were illustrated at a city council meeting on Monday in LA County’s Culver City. During the meeting, Jehn Balajadia, the Boring Company’s operations chief, argued for permission to put part of a 6.5 mile “proof of concept” tunnel beneath Culver City.

The city council members who listened to Balajadia expressed mixed feelings about the proposal, Read More Here