Jason bateman on ozark

Celebrities are just like us. They watch Netflix!

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Drake said that his new obsession is Netflix’s original series “Ozark,” which came out in July and stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney.

“My taste in television or movies is always kind of similar to my approach to music, which is, I like when people really hit the nail on the head with real human emotions,” Drake told THR. “So with ‘Ozar,’ it’s just the family dynamic. The arguments. The love. The struggles. I really relate to how accurate it is.”

In honor of Drake’s new interest, below is our original review of “Ozark” from July:

What if “Breaking Bad” started in the middle of its run? When Walter White is half-way Heisenberg, but there’s still some humanity left.

Imagine if we never got to see White as a chemistry teacher: We just casually see him at work, having dinner with his family. Then suddenly, he pleads for his life with the leader of a Mexican drug cartel.

Trade Bryan Cranston for Jason Bateman (who you probably know as Michael Bluth on “Arrested Development”), and you have Netflix’s newest drama, “Ozark.”

In “Ozark,” Bateman’s character, Marty, is somewhat reminiscent of Michael Bluth. He’s the slightly awkward dad who’s trying really hard to impress his kids. He’s hard-working to a fault. But Bateman’s performance, even just in the excellent first episode, will convince you he’s got acting chops that go far beyond comedy. (Bateman is also executive producer, and directs four out of the ten episodes, including the premiere.)

From creators Mark Williams and Bill Dubuque, “Ozark” follows Bateman’s Marty Byrde, a financial planner living in Chicago. In the first minutes, Marty seems like a normal guy. He’s good at his boring job, he’s a good dad, Read More Here