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GENOME MEDICAL LAUNCHES GENETIC SERVICES FOR EMPLOYERS: Genome Medical, a San Francisco-based genomics firm, introduced several programs designed to enable employer groups to offer genetic services and testing to their employees. By leveraging its national network of clinical genetic experts — the firm offers genetic counseling in all 50 states — Genome Medical will give employers the resources to help improve the health and well-being of their employees, and potentially a more efficient way to manage any costs related to healthcare. Here are the new programs they are offering:

  • Genetic Medical Services: Genome Medical offers genetic counseling, genetic test ordering, and case management services to help identify and evaluate individuals at risk for inherited diseases or conditions.
  • Proactive Health Programs: By using family history assessments and proactive genetic screening services, individuals with specific genetic markers are provided with early knowledge of risk, leading to preventive care and more informed treatment decisions. For example, an individual’s response to anesthesia and other medications could be predicted by analyzing their genes, reducing the likelihood of a complication.
  • Genome Medical Second Opinion: Employees can get a second opinion on any genetic-related diagnosis or treatment plan from physicians in Genome Medical’s network. These physicians can provide expert knowledge on genetic testing, advise on a patient’s best course of action, and make referrals.
  • Genetics Resource Center: Via interactive tools, which include messaging services and a telehealth platform, users can ask questions and seek out options across a larger number Read More Here