Xfinity Home Subscribers

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Internet service provider (ISP) Comcast has rolled out its xFi Advanced Gateway to all its markets in the US, bringing the high-performance router that packs in a number of smart home capabilities to a wide audience, reports ZDNet.

This latest step could presage a move by Comcast to expand its presence in the smart home market, either through an expansion of its Xfinity Home professionally installed smart home service, or by supporting various self-installed consumer devices.

The xFi Advanced Gateway supports Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds to allow fast in-network communication, but can also connect devices using smart home standards like ZigBee and Bluetooth Low-Energy (LE). The inclusion of these standards means that smart home devices like connected light bulbs, thermostats, and security cameras can use Comcast’s new router as a hub, eliminating the need for separate third-party hub.

This is similar to what Amazon is trying to accomplish with its Echo Plus smart speaker, which includes a similar smart home hub with connectivity. Both companies are looking to make it easier to set up and use smart home devices by eliminating a piece of hardware and a potential barrier.

Comcast is opening up a couple of potential routes to growth with its xFi Advanced Gateway and expanded smart home support: