One of the most common questions we are asked as children is, “What is your favorite color?” Often, by the time we are adults, our favorite color is no longer the same.

This is because our life experiences can alter our perception of specific colors. Color selection should consider much more than just personal preference. Just as words elicit different emotions or sentiments, so do colors.

The study of color psychology

Much scientific research has been devoted to how colors can affect people’s moods. There is an entire field dedicated to the study of color psychology, and the way humans interact with color has been tested now for hundreds of years. Research has shown that 93 percent of customers’ purchasing decisions are based on visuals, and 85 percent of those consumers cite color as the primary visual reason for making a purchase.

Given this wealth of data, it is essential that your business does not make color branding decisions based on preference alone. Whether you are selecting a color for your new logo, designing a specific advertising campaign, or ordering employee shirts and uniforms, consider using the findings of color psychology studies to your benefit. These studies show color can severely impact a business’s success and customers’ purchasing decisions.

Here we will explore how color can boost both sales and employee morale.

How color impacts sales

When a potential customer first visits your website or walks into your store, they are processing the visual cues you are subconsciously presenting to them. This leads to an immediate judgment of your company and products for their first impression.

Color accounts for up to 90 percent of this first impression, according to color psychologists. Additionally, more than half of consumers say they will not return to a store if they do not like its aesthetic. You must pay careful Read More Here