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  • A glitch caused some iPhone users to repeatedly receive the same headline notification from CNN.
  • CNN says it’s Apple’s problem.

At about 5pm ET on Tuesday, numerous people with iPhones received an Apple News push notification with a CNN headline about the false missile alarm in Hawaii.

Then they got the notification again. And again.

Some people on Twitter claimed that they got repeated alerts for a period of about 10 minutes.

Did CNN hire the worker because I’ve gotten this same push notification over and over again for the past ten minutes

— Josh Billinson (@jbillinson) January 30, 2018

listen @CNN, if i get one more push notification for the same story about the hawaiian missile button pusher getting fired i’m going to LOSE MY FUCKING MIND

— halez (@halle924) January 30, 2018

Please @CNN stop sending me the same push notification every 7 seconds. I get it. The guy in Hawaii got fired. I read the headline.

— adam♕scarangella (@adamscarangella) January 30, 2018

CNN killin it with apple news alerts about the same story right now

— Todd Haselton (@robotodd) January 30, 2018

CNN fired off a push notification of the story about the official behind the Hawaiian missile alert mishap being fired, and there’s clearly something wrong because I’ve now received this notification 30+ times. How’s that for irony?

— Evan (@EvanXDuckett) January 30, 2018

What happened here? Did a CNN producer accidentally press the wrong button? Is there a glitch with Apple News?

CNN is pointing the finger at Apple. In a tweet, CNN’s PR department said that “our server logs shows CNN sent only one” alert and that they are Read More Here