the front doors to apple park are four stories tall and made out of glass

  • Apple is putting the finishing touches on its new $5 billion campus.
  • It can take 10 minutes to walk from the parking garage to the main building, so Apple will provide 1,000 free bikes to its employees.
  • The bikes are logo-free and are painted “Apple Grey.”

Apple Park, Apple’s new $5 billion campus, is huge. The “ring” building is situated on 175 acres, so it can take a lucky Apple employee as many as 10 minutes to walk from the parking garage to their office.

So Apple will provide 1,000 free bikes and 2,000 bike parking spots on its campus for employees to get from place to place.

Most Silicon Valley tech giants provide free bicycles for their employees, but given Apple’s corporate preferences, its bikes are minimally designed, compared to Google’s rainbow-colored two-wheelers. It seems Apple settled on a completely chrome, minimalist bicycle design, and ordered a whole lot.

Check the Apple bikes out, courtesy of someone who uploaded footage to Snapchat last Tuesday:

Here’s a still screenshot from the video:

Apple Grey Bikes

Wired has been aggressively covering Apple’s bikes for years. In 2011, it published a photo of a silver Apple bike used at the company’s old headquarters, One Infinite Loop. Back then, the bikes had exactly zero logos on them — even the tires were brand name-free.

The bikes are made by Public Bikes, a Northern California bike company which has also sold bikes to Facebook, Mozilla, and Square. However, Public does not list Apple under brands it’s worked with on its website. Google Bike 2

The bikes are custom-built and painted “Apple Gray,” according to The Wall Street Journal. That’s a sharp contrast to Google’s more famous Read More Here