Emirates First Class dining

Emirates Airline kicked off the 2017 Dubai Air Show on Sunday with the unveiling of its brand new first class suite. The suite, which will debut in December on its fleet of Boeing 777-300ER jets, offers Emirates passengers a new take on luxury and privacy.

“The in-flight experience is the heart of our brand and service proposition,” Emirates Airline president Sir Tim Clark said in a statement. “The new 777 interiors that we are unveiling today is part of Emirates’ ongoing investment to continually raise the bar and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Emirates has long had suites in first class that had a high wall around the seat, but they were not fully enclosed like the new ones will be. In addition to the new first class suite, the 777’s business and economy class cabins will also receive brand new seats and in-flight entertainment systems.

The new Emirates suite is actually inspired by Mercedes-Benz and its iconic S-Class luxury sedan, the airline said.

Emirates also announced on Sunday a commitment to buy 40 Boeing 787-10 Dreamliners with a market value of $15.1 billion. The first of Emirates’ Dreamliners is expected to be delivered in 2022.

Here’s a closer look at Emirates’ swanky new first class suite:

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Emirates drew inspiration for its new first class suite from the Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedans that will transport the passengers once they’re on the ground.

Here’s a look inside the current generation S Class sedan and…

…. Here’s a look at the new fully-enclosed luxury suite on board Emirates’ 777-300ER. There will be a total of six suites on board each aircraft.

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