The former Trump campaign adviser testified for more than six hours on the Russia scandal. It was weird.

One of the oddest subplots of the whole Trump-Russia saga has long been the tale of Carter Page.

Page was plucked seemingly out of nowhere to become a Trump campaign foreign policy adviser — Trump listed him among five people on his team in a March 2016 interview — and it soon emerged that he had a host of Russian business ties and conspicuously pro-Russian and pro-Putin views.

Then things got even weirder when Page traveled to Moscow that July and gave a speech in which he reportedly criticized US policy toward Russia. That trip drew scrutiny from the FBI, and Page has been a leading figure in the investigations about potential Trump campaign collusion with Russia ever since.

Yet rather than lawyering up and responding with caution, Page has been talking nonstop about the scandal in the press, always proclaiming his total innocence — including during more than six hours of sworn testimony before the House Intelligence Committee last Thursday, which he attended without a lawyer.

The transcript of that testimony, with only minor redactions, has now been released. (Page demanded a speedy public release of the transcript as a condition of his appearance.) It is quite a read. Page frequently filibusters, goes on tangents, and works himself into a state of high dudgeon.

But when he’s asked to explain how what he’s saying now fits with the actual emails he wrote at the time, things get awkward.

Page is very inconsistent about how many Russian officials he met during his trip to Moscow

Much of the questioning focused on Page’s trip to Moscow in early July, while he was a Trump campaign adviser Read More Here