Canadian Financial Service Versabank Launches Digital Asset Vault

The well known Canadian financial institution Versabank has announced it is in the midst of building a new vault initiative for customers so they can securely store digital assets. Versabank’s latest creation will be called, ‘Versavault,’ a platform focused on storing all kinds of digital properties including cryptocurrencies, but with the security and trust that comes with a Canadian chartered bank.

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Versabank: ‘Digital Assets Are Just As Valuable As Any Family Jewelry, Property Deed or Stock Certificate’

Canadian Financial Service Versabank Launches Digital Asset VaultThis week the branchless Canadian financial management service, Versabank, has announced the creation of its new product Versavault a safety deposit box specifically designed to house cryptocurrencies and a variety of other digital properties. Versabank’s new offering will be blockchain-based, encrypted, and claims to be an “impenetrable security solution.”

“Your digital assets are just as valuable as any family jewelry, property deed or stock certificate, but protecting them isn’t nearly as simple,” explains the bank’s new product.

Versavault is the solution your digital wealth has been waiting for: the impenetrable security and absolute privacy of blockchain encryption, created and managed by a chartered bank in one of the world’s most trusted financial markets.

Versabank Founder Thinks Banks Can Add a Sense of Trust to Cryptocurrency Storage

Versabank has always been focused on innovation since it decided to become a branchless technology-based banking institution. The founder of the bank, David Taylor, created the branchless platform, and in 2013 Versabank became Canada’s 10th largest publicly traded bank. Taylor believes incumbent financial institutions can add a sense of Read More Here