Bread Adds Multi-Currency Support and Loyalty Rewards Tokens

This week the cryptocurrency wallet provider, Bread, has announced its new wallet upgrade will soon feature multi-currency support for digital assets such as bitcoin cash, ethereum, and ERC-20 tokens. Additionally, the company is crowdfunding a loyalty rewards program to incentivize Bread users who patronize the firm’s software.

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Bread to Offer Multi-Currency Support for Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and ERC-20s

Bread Adds Multi-Currency Support and Loyalty Rewards TokensThe company Bread has not only rebranded this year, but will soon offer multi-currency support for its mobile wallet software available on Android and iOS. By providing an assortment of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash, ethereum, and ERC-20s Bread hopes to become one of the “world’s largest decentralized institutions.” In addition to announcing new cryptocurrency support, the wallet provider is also offering a loyalty rewards program. The team has created a “Bread token” and the team plans to utilize a crowdsale to expand company development.

Bread Tokens Aim to Fund Future Development and Promote Loyalty

Bread believes its Bread token is unlike the myriad of cryptocurrency offerings today as it will be the first wallet token that rewards users for loyalty.

“We have decided to offer our own loyalty rewards program. We are calling it Bread Rewards, and we could possibly be the first cryptocurrency wallet to offer such a program,” explains James MacWhyte, Bread’s CPO. Just like any other cryptocurrency in Bread, users will have complete control over any tokens in their wallet, and will be free to hold them or transfer them to others.”

Bread tokens will provide various perks on the Bread platform. In the immediate future, Bread tokens Read More Here