Digital transformation: A new force to reckon with

Digital transformation (DX) is one buzzword that gets thrown around a lot when we talk about the future of businesses. Contrary to what many people think, digital transformation is not digitization of analog data, nor is it another term for digital disruption. Digital transformation is an operational nirvana that takes place when an organization integrates digital technology to make fundamental changes to its process and capabilities and, eventually, to enhance the value of its products or services for a greater customer experience.

Digital transformation needs digitization as part of its process, but it doesn’t stop there. For example, upgrading your company website to be more user-friendly, animated or interactive is pushing the digital capabilities of your business, but that doesn’t symbolize digital transformation in its entirety. You can’t just buy an application and transform your workplace into a digital platform.

Driving innovation with digital transformation

Digital transformation is a large-scale change that’s happening in the global landscape just as the dust from digital disruption is settling. An organization needs monumental change in its culture for its leadership and teams to think differently, increase their digital experience at all levels, innovate more frequently, and increase their risk-taking abilities. In an age of transform-or-perish business mandates, many factors propel the momentum of digital transformation.

Companies that have survived the digital disruption are a testimony to the change in customer expectations of products and services. Today’s marketplace is extremely volatile for businesses that can’t offer an edge in their value chain and make their products or services more convenient for customers. Think of how Netflix outclassed Blockbuster chains or how Uber overtook the transportation business from taxis. Digitally enlightened companies are redefining the ways of doing business and winning over customers’ hearts with the convenience their services offer.

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