Old Fashioned Bartender

  • Bartenders can tell a lot about a person based on their drink order.
  • Some drinks scream boring idiot, while others make you look polished and knowledgeable.
  • Several bartenders shared what specific drink orders indicate to them about a person.

Bartending isn’t just about mixing cocktails and serving up beers.

Perhaps one of the most social jobs out there, bartending requires constant contact with others and a great deal of social perceptiveness.

So, when you’re a bartender, you come to understand quite a few things about human nature and behavior, and you have some go-to tools that help.

“You can tell what type of person someone is by their drink order in specific bars,” Anjali Sharma, a former bartender with eight years of experience from Atlanta, told Business Insider.

For example, “if you’re in a bar with tons of other people and it’s loud and you order something complicated, you clearly don’t value people’s time,” she said. “How you react to the bar being out of your ‘usual’ is also very indicative of your personality,” she said.

Rebecka, a bartender with 10 years of experience in New York and Glasgow, told Business Insider that someone’s drink order can also indicate that they have no idea where they are and what’s possible to be made in a certain bar.

Other things bartenders said they can pick up on based on their drink order include if the person is underage, has no clue about mixology — “which is fine but disappointing because there are so many great cocktails out there!” an anonymous bartender said — is boring, wants to use money to impress people, know their alcohol, or is looking for a cheap buzz.

Here’s what bartenders think about your drink of choice:

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