Australian Vault Provider Says Securing Bitcoin in Safety Boxes Is Trending

The price of bitcoin has become extremely valuable these days as one BTC is roughly $12K right now. This has led to bitcoin enthusiasts keeping their coin on hardware and paper wallets. However, some bitcoin proponents are taking bitcoin security to the next level by using companies that focus on securing people’s assets like gold and cash.

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Bitcoin Being Kept In Custodial Vaults Is Becoming a Trending Pattern

Australian Vault Provider Says Securing Bitcoin in Safety Boxes Is TrendingOne of Australia’s leading private vault and safety deposit box operators, Guardian Vaults, says they are protecting people’s cryptocurrency assets within its safe vault locations more often. Guardian Vaults has been seeing a trend of customers who want to secure their bitcoin hardware and paper wallets with the business for extra security. The company explains that traditionally customers keep cash, gold bullion, and passports inside the vaults but they expect more safety deposit box demand to hold vast bitcoin holdings.

Guardian Vaults says that anyone can set up a custodial safety deposit box in as little as 30 minutes. The firm doesn’t just use traditional boxes housed in cement and guarded by armed guards. The Melbourne based company uses technology like biometric hand scanners, facial recognition protocols, access codes, and dual key boxes housed in bedrock. The firm has seen a lot of demand this year as the company has added 5,000 more boxes to its 28,000 boxes housed between its Melbourne and Sydney locations. The company believes hardware and paper wallets serve a great purpose, but safety deposit vaults provide an added layer of Read More Here