2017 Infotainment System of the Year

  • Audi’s MMI-Virtual Cockpit is a repeat winner BI’s Infotainment System of the Year.
  • Audi narrowly beat back increased competition from four other finalists.
  • Volvo’s risk-taking Sensus system was the runner-up

How good is Audi’s MMI-Virtual Cockpit infotainment system? So good that it’s our first repeat winner for Infotainment System of the Year in 2017.

Audi took the prize in 2016, and, if anything, the competition has stiffened since then. Consumers are demanding more than ever of the technology and connectivity features in their vehicles. If you aren’t aiming for state of the art, particularly in the luxury realm, you’re falling behind.

This year’s finalist were:

  • Audi MMI-Virtual Cockpit
  • Ford SYNC 3-SYNC and MyFord Touch
  • General Motors MyLink/IntelliLink/Cue plus OnStar
  • Jaguar Land Rover InControl
  • Volvo Sensus

Connectivity, apps, smartphone integration (for voice calls and texting as well as email), GPS navigation, and autonomous-driving features are beginning to define the auto experience in ways that mechanical features did in previous decades.

As our cars become more deeply integrated with smart, internet-based tech, we think it’s essential to provide our take on the carmakers that are doing the best job of pulling together all these elements — and don’t forget to throw in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto — under the rubric of infotainment.

As we explained last year when we first handed out the award, a great infotainment system makes car ownership a pleasure; a poor system makes it a chore. A year later, the pace of change has accelerated. A chore has become a potential deal breaker, and all the automakers with subpar systems are trying to fix or improve this weakness.

Safety first

But rushing toward the transformation of the automobile into a rolling smartphone isn’t necessarily a good idea. Car companies have to tread carefully with how they control the use of connectivity in vehicles. Consumer Reports has in the past recounted Read More Here