Botnik Studios Coachella 2018

  • A fake Coachella poster that went viral after its publication Tuesday was generated by artificial intelligence.
  • The neural network and poster came out of Botnik Studios, an Amazon Alexa Accelerator graduate which uses computer systems to make art.
  • The neural network generated the list after being fed a bunch of real band names, including the names of every band ever written about on Pitchfork.
  • The fake band names are hilarious, but it wasn’t all the AI’s doing. Humans at Botnik handpicked the best phrases out of a collection of generated band names ranging from realistic to gibberish.

A sense of humor may be one of the last things that distinguishes humans from robots, but that doesn’t mean that artificial intelligence can’t come up with a good joke.

Botnik Studios, an art collective that uses computers “to make cool stuff,” brought those capabilities to light Tuesday with the release of its AI generated Coachella poster.

The poster features made up band names such as headliners Fanch, One of Pig, and Lil Hack — names which have no association with real musical acts but which all are eerily familiar enough to give a sense that they could be real.

That eerie familiarity is by design, said Jamie Brew, a former writer for parody sites The Onion and Clickhole, who now works as CEO of Botnik Studios.

“Some people seem to have the same experience that I had when I first saw the finished thing,” Brew told Business Insider. “The feeling of looking at a lineup for a festival and not recognizing any of the bands, and feeling out of touch because you must not be cool anymore.”

Incubated by Amazon

Botnik Studios is a Seattle-based company that uses artificial intelligence and bots to create art. Though the company gives off the air of anarchy, it’s one of Read More Here