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  • Amazon is looking to hire a Corporate Development Senior Manager to oversee potential digital acquisitions.
  • The job would seem to signal that Amazon is making a new push into digital media and advertising with deals.
  • It’s a high-level gig that would entail interaction with CEO Jeff Bezos.

Does Jeff Bezos want some digital media under his tree? A recent job posting may serve as the Amazon mogul’s list for Santa.

Amazon is seeking a Corporate Development Senior Manager who will be charged with managing and executing acquisitions across the company, according to a LinkedIn post.

“There will be a particular emphasis on supporting transactions in the digital media, digital products and emerging technology sectors,” reads that posting.

That’s an intriguing emphasis, considering that when it comes to digital media and advertising, Amazon has generally been a builder, not a buyer. Indeed, as the company has quietly amassed a formidable digital ad business over the past few years – one that may see as presenting a legitimate challenge to the dominant Google/Facebook duopoly – Amazon has focused on building its own custom suite of advertising technology.

And as it elected to stream 10 NFL games this year, and deliver and track some ads during those games, it largely took the same approach.

The glaring exception, of course, is Amazon’s nearly $1 billion deal to acquire the live gaming platform Twitch in 2014. Amazon has continued to run Twitch separately from its growing advertising portfolio.

Business Insider spoke to Amazon’s top advertising executive last week during the Ignition conference – and he was coy about the company’s broader advertising ambitions.

But there’s little question Amazon is getting far more serious about ads. The question is, how big do they want to go in terms of making deals. One clue: the job means face time with Bezos.

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