Amazon Spheres

  • Amazon created a green paradise in its new Spheres structure in Downtown Seattle.
  • Created to be the focal point of its Seattle HQ, Amazon spent $4 billion on bringing a mini tropical forest to live.

Amazon is showing off its green thumb.

The company just took the wraps off its newest downtown Seattle structure. Called The Spheres because of its bulbous shape, Amazon collected plants from greenhouses around the world to take home to Seattle.

Rivers, waterfalls, and towering green walls and meant to take employees into a headspace as serene as the tropical forest the foliage tries to replicate. Workers cluster in “treehouses” to work and collaborate, surrounded by natural beauty.

The Spheres can hold about 800 working Amazonians, who seem to be excited about the new building — its available slots are already booked through April.

Here’s what it’s like inside the verdant structure.

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The Spheres are the “new visual focus and heart” of Amazon’s downtown Seattle campus.Three glassy domes — the largest of which is 90 feet high and 130 feet wide — connect to form one large room.

To create them, 620 tons of steel was mixed with 12 million pounds of concrete. The 2,643 panes fill in the rest of the exterior to create the full structure.

The idea behind the spheres is greenery and biodiversity. Over 40,000 plants of 400 species fill the domes. Most of the plants are from tropical eco-systems referred to as “cloud forests” where high elevation enables plants to get moisture directly from clouds. The plants were chosen specifically so they could be comfortable at temperatures that are also comfortable for humans.

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