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  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are battling for supremacy in voice search.
  • At the CES trade show, which begins in Las Vegas this week, gadget manufacturers will show off their latest products using Alexa and Assistant.
  • Amazon has aggressively pushed Alexa everywhere, gaining dominance. Now, it’s slowly but slyly turning Alexa into a big driver towards its core retail business.
  • Google has aggressively chased after Amazon, pushing the Google Assistant into new places. But it’s less clear how Assistant will help Google’s core search advertising business.

At next week’s Consumer Electronics Show, we’re going to see the battle between Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant kick in to high gear.

Last year, Alexa was the clear winner of CES, with companies like Ford, Huawei, and LG agreeing to integrate their products with Amazon’s virtual assistant. Since then, Alexa has only gotten bigger — Amazon says that it sold “tens of millions” of Alexa-enabled products, led by its own Amazon Echo Dot, over the holiday season.

This year, Google is striking back. While the search giant’s Google Home speakers still lag the Amazon Echo in terms of market share, it’s picking up momentum: Google claims that it sold over 6.7 million Home and Home Mini speakers over the holiday shopping season.

You can expect both companies to make announcements about new partners, new products, and new ways to use their respective voice agents. LG has already announced that it will be showing off new TVs with Google Assistant built in; a company called Vuzix will be debuting a pair of Alexa-powered smart glasses.

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Make no mistake, though. All of this, and all of these announcements, are a proxy war between Amazon and Google. The battleground, this time, is the growing market for smart Read More Here