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  • Samsung’s premium smartphones have several different security features.
  • After many months of leaving my Galaxy S8 with no unlock features set, I decided to give some another try.
  • Iris scanning and facial recognition have proven cumbersome in the winter weather, but the oddly-placed fingerprint sensor isn’t bad once you get used to it.

I’ve owned a Galaxy S8 since April 2017, but for several months, I didn’t use any of the phone’s security features to unlock my phone. Recently, though, I decided to give them another try. Here’s how it went.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has six ways to unlock your phone: a fingerprint scanner, an iris scanner, a facial recognition system, as well as the more standard PIN, password, and pattern-unlock features. For the past two weeks, I’ve chosen the fingerprint sensor, iris scanner and a PIN code as my main three options to unlock my phone.

When I first got the Galaxy S8, I flip-flopped between the iris scanner and facial recognition systems (you can’t have both set at the same time). Facial recognition works like a dream in ideal conditions, but limitations quickly arise: It doesn’t fare well in darkly-lit areas and the Galaxy S8 must be held directly in front of your face to identify you. Holding the phone in a slanted position can affect its ability to recognize your face.

The iris scanner, on the other hand, presents you with a frame to let you align your eyes with the sensor. Under the right conditions, the iris scanner can authenticate you before the frame even has a chance to appear. Overall, it fails slightly less than facial recognition.

The second run

I don’t like feeling like there’s a wall between me and my home screen, period. There’s nothing more immediate than swiping directly into your device, which can make authentication failures Read More Here