hvmn ketone ester

  • Ketones could supercharge the body in a way unlike any other fuel source.
  • HVMN, a startup based in San Francisco, is bringing to market a drink made of pure ketone ester that it says has performance-boosting qualities.
  • We tried the drink before its public launch.

HVMN, a startup building “human enhancement” technologies out of San Francisco, recently revealed that it is bringing one of the first commercial ketone esters to market. HVMN Ketone is an FDA-reviewed drink that claims to improve athletic ability, focus, and energy.

The drink contains 120 calories, but it has no fat, protein, or carbohydrates. Those calories instead come from ketones — molecules formed by the breakdown of fat. Geoff Woo, cofounder and CEO of HVMN (pronounced “human”), likes to call ketones “the fourth macronutrient.”

“It’s not a fat, it’s not a protein, it’s not a carb, but your body gets fuel from it,” Woo told Business Insider.

To make the product, HVMN leveraged more than a decade and $60 million worth of scientific research through an exclusive partnership with the University of Oxford.

Brianna Stubbs, lead researcher at HVMN, joined a study on the effects of ketone esters in competitive rowers while a student-athlete at Oxford. The experienced inspired her to change her course of study from medicine to physiology.

Stubbs remembered how the ketone ester made her feel during practice rowing sessions: “When you take it, you get to the red line and feel like you can go further. It’s as you get to the end, when normally you’d run out of energy, it’s as if you have this extra gear at the end.”

Stubbs holds a PhD around the science of ketones and two gold medals from the 2013 and 2016 World Rowing Championships. She resigned from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to join HVMN.

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