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  • Philo has launched a $16-a-month internet TV package with programming partners like A+E, AMC, Discovery, Scripps, and Viacom.
  • The package cuts out sports, a major source of cost for most TV packages, but that means it also cuts out the major broadcast networks.
  • In the long run, Facebook founding member and Philo CEO Andrew McCollum wants build a truly “social” TV platform, though he’s not the first to try.

If you love cable TV but don’t like sports or CNN, a startup called Philo has a new internet TV package to sell you for $16 dollars.

Over the last year, a slew of companies — from DirecTV to Hulu to YouTube — rolled out “over-the-top” TV packages that deliver your favorite shows over the internet, like Netflix and Hulu do. They joined the first movers in that market, Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. While these new entrants touted slick interfaces, the packages they delivered were largely similar to cable TV ones, and at comparable prices in the $30 to $40 range.

There’s a reason for that: most had sports as a central component, and sports programming is expensive. (In 2016, ESPN alone cost $6.10 in carriage fees per subscriber.)

But then around April of this year, we began to hear rumblings in TV land about a package designed to break from that tradition and cut sports (and therefore the broadcast networks who rely on sports) out of the equation.

That “entertainment” TV bundle has finally arrived, and it comes from Philo, a startup that began by providing on-campus programming to colleges, and whose CEO Andrew McCollum was a founding member of Facebook.

Philo has strategic investments from five of its programming partners, totaling $25 million: A+E, AMC, Discovery, Scripps, and Viacom. And these companies provide the most compelling programming to the service — from AMC, Read More Here