fog creek software CEO anil dash

  • Fog Creek Software, a small but well-known software company in New York, released Manuscript, a new tool to help programmers track bugs and new features.
  • Manuscript is taking on Atlassian Jira, a mega-popular bug-tracking tool.
  • Unlike Jira, though, Fog Creek designed Manuscript to encourage programmers to act ethically and take responsibility for their software.

As Big Tech gets ever bigger, so too do the ethical issues raised by its products.

For every problem technology seemingly solves, it also seems to pose us with new dilemmas or challenges. Just in the recent past, we’ve seen everything from state-sponsored Yahoo hacks, to white supremacists embracing YouTube, to Facebook knowing too much about its users for their comfort.

Fog Creek Software CEO Anil Dash has been mulling tech’s bigger pictures problems for a while now. On Tuesday, his company is launching what it sees as at least a partial solution to such challenges: Manuscript, a new bug-tracking application.

Like Jira, the mega-popular bug tracker from Atlassian with which it will compete, Manuscript allows developers to keep track of the everyday flaws found in their software. But Fog Creek’s new application is designed to also get developers to think about and take responsibility for the bigger issues raised by their applications, whether those have to do with privacy, security, or ethical considerations.

The programmers at Volkswagen who designed the software that allowed the company’s cars to fool emissions tests likely tracked and fixed the bugs in it, Dash said in a Medium post. But they obviously weren’t thinking about the bigger ramifications of what they were doing.

“If technology is actually negatively affecting the air that we breathe, then maybe we need to think bigger about the way we craft software these days,” Dash said in his post.

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