This ranking is as weird and perfect as the show itself.

When Crazy Ex-Girlfriend throws out a really great song — and among its 101 songs, there are a lot of really great ones — there’s only one possible reaction: You cover your face with your hands, cringing and shaking with simultaneous laughter and tears, and you choke out, “Too real! Too real!”

The CW’s musical dramedy is one of the lowest-rated shows on television, but it’s beloved by critics, musical theater aficionados, and fans of an artfully deconstructed romantic comedy. It tells the story of Rebecca Bunch, a driven New York lawyer who throws away her career to follow an old crush to his suburban SoCal town and becomes a strip mall lawyer.

At first Rebecca sees her life as a Sleepless in Seattle-style romantic comedy, but over the course of three seasons, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has steadily poked hole after hole in her delusions, often by turning them into smart, sharp, funny-sad song parodies. And at their best, those songs skewer not only Rebecca’s delusions but the viewers’, too: that love will heal us, that our obsessions are selfless, and that our self-loathing makes us interesting.

Last Friday, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend officially released its 100th and 101st songs. In honor of the occasion, a group of Vox culture writers has joined forces to rank all 101 songs, from worst to best.

It was a tricky task. Ratings varied wildly from person to person: Because the fundamental appeal of a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend song is almost always the “too real!” factor, and everyone has a different “too real!” trigger, no one could agree on which songs were outstanding as opposed to merely good. Not a single song received perfect ratings from every panelist.

We began to judge each other over our voting. What Read More Here