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• Many seniors around the country have embarked on their final semester in college.

• LinkedIn compiled a list of the jobs that grads tended to take in 2017.

• Many of the roles were in the finance sector.

College seniors have some important questions to answer. Mainly, what comes next?

Searching for your first job out of college can be overwhelming. It can often seem like there are simultaneously too many and too few options out there. So, to get a sense of what gigs grads have gone for the past, LinkedIn put together a list of the most popular jobs among 2017 college graduates.

The list was compiled by taking into account all LinkedIn users who graduated from a US college with a bachelor’s degree in 2017. These members were incorporated in the survey if they added a new role to the experience section of their profile after graduation.

Here’s a list of the nine jobs most popular with the class of 2017, according to LinkedIn:

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Account manager

Account managers oversee sales and relationships with certain clients.

Median salary: $67,000

Business analyst

A business analyst analyzes and reviews business processes and models for an organization.

Median salary: $72,000

Research assistant

Research assistants help out with academic research, usually on a temporary basis.

Median salary: $34,500

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