Winners: The Shape of Water and Get Out. Losers: The Post and Call Me By Your Name’s supporting actors.

The 2018 Oscar nominations are out, announced Tuesday morning via telecast by Tiffany Haddish and Andy Serkis. It’s been an unpredictable year for awards prognosticators, but on the whole the 2018 nominees list is a pleasant surprise — diverse, drawing from wide-ranging genres, and representing a great year in filmmaking. It’s also broken some long-standing Oscar records, while containing its share of weird nominations (Academy Award nominee The Boss Baby, anyone?).

The nominations are led by Guillermo Del Toro’s winsome supernatural romance The Shape of Water, with 13 nominations, and Christopher Nolan’s harrowing tale of World War II survival Dunkirk, with eight nominations. But beyond those two films, the list is filled with fascinating winners and losers, across the spectrum of films released in 2017.

Here are the winners, losers, and head-scratchers from Oscar nomination morning 2018.

Winner: The Shape of Water

It’s rare for one movie to so dominate the nominations slate that its closest competitor is five nominations behind, but so it went with The Shape of Water, which received 13 nominations. Its closest competitor, Dunkirk, received a respectable eight nods, good but nowhere near The Shape of Water. And 13 nominations is just one off the record of 14 nominations, held by All About Eve, Titanic, and La La Land.

What’s more, The Shape of Water‘s nominations are spread out across the board — in nearly every technical category (it only missed Makeup and Visual Effects) as well as writing, directing, and acting. In the acting categories, it received three separate nominations for its performances (including a mildly surprising nod for Octavia Spencer’s work). The film is by Read More Here