Freelance and contract work is growing at an incredible pace, with no signs of slowing down. According to a survey from Edelman Intelligence, a staggering 50.9 percent of the U.S. population will fall under one of those categories if growth in those sectors continues. That’s a majority of the population, and since 36 percent of (or 57.3 million) workers freelanced this year alone, it seems quite plausible the numbers will continue to grow and reach that percentage without issue.

With that in mind, as more companies move to a mobile and/or temporary workforce, it can be a challenge for managers to adapt to the dynamics of regularly changing teams. Freelancers and contractors can work for many clients, adding to that dynamic.

To make it easier for both employers and freelancers, many companies have developed tools to manage and collaborate no matter the locations of team members. While dozens of apps can accomplish those criteria, we’ve narrowed down the list for you.

1. Asana

Price: Free; $9.99 per month for Premium; contact for Enterprise quote

Asana is one of the easier apps to use for managing freelancers and contractors, touted as “teamwork without email.” In essence, Asana is a combination of project management and collaboration designed to streamline complex workflows and even the largest teams. Users can create, categorize, assign and schedule projects with the integrated calendar. You can also prioritize daily tasks and due dates, track projects to completion, and concentrate easily using the app’s Focus Mode, which allows you to maintain focus on a single task without feeling overwhelmed.

Users can communicate with each other and employers through a messaging platform and generate detailed progress reports in real time if required. The same platform allows users to attach files in nearly any format and share project-related documents. It provides email notifications for Read More Here