In a perfect world, we’d gently glide from one gig to the next with dignity and skill sets intact. In the sometimes dog-eat-dog world of job hunting though, you have to create a version of yourself that both highlights your skills and jumps off the screen at recruiters. These are some of the skills recruiters will be actively seeking in potential candidates in the year ahead:

1. A balance of hard and soft skills

You’re a tech genius and extremely science savvy — yay, you! But, you can’t meet people’s eyes during conversation and tend to mumble during presentations – big boo. Or the flip side, you’re a smooth talker and can engage anyone in conversation, but you need constant hand-holding when it comes to figuring out how to create a PowerPoint.

Regardless of the industry, “It’s no secret that hiring managers are increasingly looking for technology-, analytics-, and computer science-savvy professionals,” said Don Bossi, president of STEM education nonprofit FIRST, who works with companies including Boeing, NASA and Lego. That said, “So-called ‘soft skills’ are also critically important, and include teamwork, collaboration, problem-solving, and communication skills,” according to Bossi.

2. The best fit for the job (over the long haul)

Sometimes it’s not enough for you to think you’re the perfect candidate for any gig, if you don’t meet some unseen or unknown criteria they’ll probably go with someone else. “Quality recruiting is not just about finding the person with the best skill set, but also about finding the best fit for the job and company from a work culture perspective” according to Laura Platt, Director of Human Resources for Spreadshirt, a global e-commerce company.

It isn’t always just the skills though, “It’s important to determine the kinds of personalities that will get along with one another,” according to Platt, “and we aim to find Read More Here