Bill Gates Melinda

As a Harvard dropout, Bill Gates wasn’t exactly a model student.

But as the second-richest person on Earth — and someone who is heavily involved in efforts to alleviate poverty and health burdens for billions of people — he does know thing or two about finding success.

The Microsoft cofounder has given students his fair share of advice over the years through interviews, commencement speeches, and social media.

Here are some of Gates’ best nuggets of wisdom for those on the verge of entering the real world.

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Artificial intelligence, energy, and biosciences make good majors.

At the end of the 2017 school year, Gates wrote in a Twitter thread that incoming college freshmen would do well to study one of those three majors, given how relevant they’ll be in the coming decades.

He called them all “promising fields where you can make a huge impact.”

Surround yourself with people who challenge you.

In the same Twitter thread, Gates advised students to be intentional about who they spend time with in the pursuit of growing and getting better.

It echoed what his best friend Warren Buffett has said, —namely that “You’ll move in the direction of the people you associate with,” so choose wisely.

For Gates, that person is his wife of 23 years, Melinda.

Trust that the world is getting better and can be improved further.

Contrary to how it sometimes seems, Gates likes to remind people that the world is the best it’s ever been. He frequently recommends the book “Better Angels of Our Nature,” by cognitive scientist Steven Pinker, as proof.

“If you think the world is getting better, you want to spread the progress to more people and places,” he Read More Here