Many factors go into a customer’s overall experience, and neglecting any one aspect of your restaurant experience could seriously affect your reputation. From the atmosphere of your restaurant to each dish, creating the proper customer experience can help build your restaurant’s brand and solidify its position within your city or market.

Most business owners overlook one major aspect of setting an atmosphere: sound. Sound is a building block for the feeling at your restaurant. Too often, consumers’ experiences are ruined by unpleasant or anxiety-inducing sounds.

“We know that sound has such a huge impact on the experience that people have and that it’s important to consider sound in isolation, as it affects everything,” said Kevin Perlmutter, executive vice president and chief of innovation with Man Made Music. “Subconsciously, sound is moving past the rational part of our brain and into the subconscious, causing us to react instantaneously. It really gives us a first impression of the situation we’re in – even before we have the chance to rationalize what we’re thinking about.”

Man Made Music and Perlmutter specialize in crafting sound and building sonic brands for different companies. While large corporations enlist the help of firms like Man Made Music to create a sonic identity, Perlmutter said that small businesses can take the right steps toward building an atmosphere and brand identity using only their iPods.

“You need to be able to control the experience that you’re presenting to your customers,” Perlmutter said. “Even if it’s as simple as … plugging in your iPod into the speaker, as long as it’s done from that (sound) strategy, then it’s going to be better than leaving it to chance.”

Perlmutter had some additional tips for all business owners to better use sound and build a restaurant’s atmosphere. He said that the most important aspect, however, is Read More Here