What’s the best way to build authority online? For many people, the first answer that comes to mind is social media. After all, social media is a great way to share your knowledge and form valuable connections – and with the addition of verified accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, entrepreneurs and influencers can increase their persuasiveness with nothing more than a little blue check mark.

But a verified social account isn’t the be-all and end-all of building online authority – especially in light of stories revealing that black-market middlemen actually sell fake verification badges to shady brands.

The truth is, if you really want to build authority and credibility, self-publishing an ebook is a far more valuable solution than trying to get a verified account. In fact, in addition to helping you grow your business, publishing an ebook could help you get more out of your social media efforts too. Here’s why.

1. Perceived authority

While it’s true that social media can certainly help you reach new audiences, your verified account won’t necessarily allow you to find everyone who might be interested in your content. As a close friend and colleague of mine, Brian Cliette, an instructor at Pennsylvania State University, once explained to me, people searching for advice on a given topic are far more likely to search for a book than a Twitter profile due to a perceived difference in authority. In our digital age, people are still more likely to believe something they read in a book than what they see on social media.

Having consulted with hundreds of entrepreneurial authors and worked with startups funded by Andreessen Horowitz and Mark Cuban, Cliette has observed firsthand how well-written content targeted at your niche will build authority much more effectively than social media posts. Best of all, older blog posts and other Read More Here