Is your real estate marketing delivering results? Have you revised your marketing plan to keep pace with the rapidly changing face of the real estate industry? Perhaps you’re using the tried, tested and trusted approach to engage prospective homeowners, but still not getting the success you hoped for. Ever wonder why?

Simply put, even if you’re on the right track, you can’t just rely on the same old tricks anymore. Chances are you’re failing to implement the latest techniques and wondering what really works right now.

Given the incredible amount of competition in today’s real estate marketing world, only those willing to improvise, follow the latest trends and think out of the box succeed.

Plenty of current marketing techniques are simply useless. The faster you understand this, the more chances you’ll stand to thrive beyond your wildest dreams. If you simply hate wasting money and time experimenting with different campaigns and combinations of modern marketing techniques with little success, following certain lesser-known but proven marketing techniques seems to be the only way to make it in the real estate industry.

Real estate marketing is neither a rocket science nor a novelty. However, the following marketing techniques are known for being overlooked by even the smartest of marketers.

1. Real estate microtargeting

Today’s marketers rely heavily on microtargeting techniques to effectively handpick potential customers. For instance, you can target certain behavioral patterns through online classified ads, such as the individuals who’ve recently searched for property on sale in a specific location or used a mortgage calculator.

That’s where microtargeting comes into play, as advertisers can then target a specific list of people: customers, former customers, friends and relatives, neighbors, and more. You can microtarget almost anyone if you’ve got the right contact details.

Here’s how you can put microtargeting to use for your real estate marketing vision: