For retail businesses that employ dozens of workers across several shifts and locations, writing down the weekly schedule on a calendar hanging in the break room isn’t the most efficient way of scheduling. There are plenty of employee scheduling platforms that are optimized for use in a retail setting. Several common features allow for flexible schedule changes, makes payroll easier and allows you to manage across multiple locations.

The best software will help you determine when to schedule more employees using data from your business while keeping consistent hours. Employees should be able to easily access this system to request days off or trade shifts.


Often, miscommunication and lack of communication can lead to missed shifts, overwhelming hours and unnecessary overtime. ShiftNote promotes effective communication between managers and employees through the software, which can be accessed nearly anywhere. Both you and your employees can log into the interface through any web browser as well as a mobile app. Employees can view their schedule from their phones, and you can manage shifts from your home computer.

Its emphasis on communication means that not only can users send messages to one another through the application, but you can set up email and/or text message alerts for different instances, including approvals of day-off requests, messages from fellow employees and shift changes. In addition, managers can make announcements that employees will see the next time they log in.

ShiftNote allows you to save schedule templates, so you don’t spend hours each week crafting a schedule. Employee availability and auto scheduling will make the process of scheduling faster and easier.

Reflexis Workforce Management

This is a mid-size retail workforce management platform that, among features such as budgeting, forecasting and reporting, is an employee scheduler capable of organizing the schedules of dozens of employees while balancing your labor budget. Working Read More Here