‘Tis the season to segment

When the holiday shopping season is underway, a good email marketer is prepared with a fresh, fully baked, targeted strategy, topped with a sprinkling of festive magic! Segmentation, when used effectively, makes your holiday sales strategy smarter, better, and faster, and comes with a generous helping of personalization. Let’s put it to work now.

From your key RFM (recency, frequency and monetary value) players to the hopers and dreamers in your contact list, there are five key holiday shopper profiles that need segmenting this season. This list gives you the rundown on who’s who!

1. Big spenders

Characteristics: Easily identified by their high average order value (AOV). Not to be confused with the VIP customer, any purchase made by big spenders will be significant.

Respond well to: Gift guides and bestseller campaigns.

Top tip to catch them: Pull your AOV data directly from your ecommerce system and send a targeted holiday gift guide that hits the high-value price bracket.

A boost in email marketing effort over the holiday season is worth more to your business than at any other time. Last year, consumers spent over $91 billion over Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. This year, customers will be scouring their email looking for deals.

2. Recent spenders

Characteristics: Potentially the most engaged type of consumer, recent spenders can be new or experienced customers who’ve made recent transactions. These customers have the brand at the forefront of their mind.

Respond well to: Discounted repeat purchase and “refer-a-friend” campaigns.

Top tip to catch them: Pull in personalized campaign content relating to a previous order and send a limited-time-only discount for repeat purchase.

3. Repeat purchasers

Characteristics: Extremely loyal, these customers respond well to your marketing already. These consumers should not be neglected and require nurturing during the holidays.

Respond well to: Personalized gift guides, holiday return Read More Here