You left your previous employer without burning any bridges, but now you have a good reason to come back: a shiny, new job offer for a position you that had your eyes on for years.

Welcome back — here’s how to reshape what your coworkers think of you upon your return.

Be cool, calm, and collected

Don’t shake things up too much.

Karen Dillon, coauthor of How Will You Measure Your Life?, told the Harvard Business Review about how to you’ll want to act when you get back in order to change how colleagues think of you.

She says that you’ll want to be “a bit more formal and reserved in your behavior, at least at first,” to display the ways “you’ve matured.” Dillon also says that your coworkers “will either see you with fresh eyes or the same eyes within the first few weeks.”

Demonstrate that you’re super willing to learn

Maggie Mistal, certified career consultant and executive coach at MMM Career Consulting (who has first-hand experience with returning to a former employer), told Fast Company about this approach.

“It’s important to go in with an open mind and take that same approach when you were brand new. It might look the same and feel the same, but there are details, and you really have to know them and learn them,” Mistal told the site.

Yes, you worked here before, but that definitely doesn’t mean things haven’t evolved since you left. So respect that, and be diligent in learning not only about your new responsibilities, but also how the company has changed.

Show them that you’re happy to be back

You won’t want to appear complacent.

Tony Santora, senior vice president for Right Management’s Transition Center of Excellence, told the New York Daily News how you can appear gracious once you head back.

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