So you’ve finally decided to jump ship at work after getting an attractive job offer, but your employer springs an offer on you to sweeten the deal and keep you from leaving. Welcome to the world of counteroffers.

Here’s what to keep in mind when the company tries to win your heart upon your exit.

Take a deep breath before you respond to your manager

Metaphorically, of course.

Before making any rash decisions — like freaking out, or dramatically shoving the offer back in your supervisor’s face — get ready to respond rationally.

Look at both options — think about what you want, and what could happen if you stay

Similar to when you’re deciding between two job offers at places you’ve never worked, you have a big decision to make.

Heather R. Huhman, author and founder of digital PR consultancy Come Recommended, writes about counteroffers in a LinkedIn post.

She includes many points on the negative aspects of accepting one, thinking about what you truly want, and illustrates how you could be treated if you say “yes” to a counteroffer.

“If you do decide to stay, don’t be naive. You’re going to have to remain constantly alert, and you’ll have to prove your loyalty and value that much more to be considered for future opportunities,” Huhman writes. “It will be an uphill battle, but getting back in your boss’s and coworkers’ good graces is possible; it’ll just take patience and time.”

Remember that the urgency could wear off quickly

Alison Green, author of the Ask a Manager blog, writes in U.S. News &World Report about why you shouldn’t accept a counteroffer, including why “using a potential employer’s job offer to get your current company to counter and pay you more money” is a bad idea.

One of her points is that employers may rush Read More Here