Does your website need a health checkup?

Just as we visit a doctor for an annual checkup, why not give your business website the same care?

Website trends are always changing, and visitors have become accustomed to an experience standard that simply wasn’t there a few years ago, and you can thank mobile for much of that.

Do you feel confident in how your website ranks in design, usability and performance compared to your competitors?

Your business might fall under the “old school” philosophy, and we can respect that. However, you can’t steal second without one foot off the base. Chances are, your top three competitors are making strides by evaluating and improving their online channels.

Below are four signs that it’s time to re-evaluate your website.

Sign No. 1: You don’t have a website at all.

Although some (albeit fewer and fewer) businesses have managed without a website throughout the years, this is due to superior management of your business, expertise and/or word-of-mouth referrals, which are all great things. But try thinking of it this way: A website is like a name badge in a room crowded full of strangers, but much, much more.

Websites are an avenue for businesses to be seen and acknowledged for the products and services it delivers. They serve as the authority for your company on the internet. Plus, if your business has a loyal following of happy customers, why not make it easy for them give positive reviews and refer your business to others?

Health analogy: The health of your site is alright now, but, if it were a person, they would hope that they never get sick or injured. Good luck with that.

Sign. No. 2: Your website exists, but it may as well not.

The results are in, and they’re far from good. Maybe your Read More Here