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Google has come a long, long way since its startup days, but it hasn’t forgotten how to have fun.

The search giant loves to hide fun tricks, or “Easter eggs,” into its services. From Google Hangouts to Google Maps, there are neat games or features hidden inside nearly every product and service Google makes (even its spreadsheets).

But its Google’s search engine that holds most of these jokes, games, and nifty features. There are almost too many to count, so we’ve rounded up a handful of our favorites from over the years.

Here are 26 Easter eggs hidden inside Google Search:

Jeff Dunn contributed to an earlier version of this story.

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1. If you search for “solitaire,” you can play a round of the classic card game.

2. Searching “tic tac toe” will let you start up that game. You can set it to play against a friend or Google itself. For a real challenge, set the difficulty to “Impossible,” and try to get anything done at work.

3. If you’re in the holiday spirit, you can play a digital game of dreidel by searching “spin (or play) dreidel.”

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