Magnus Carlsen vs Sergey Karjakin

  • The 2018 World Chess Championship will take place in London in November.
  • Current World Champ Magnus Carlsen will take on a challenger to be decided in March in Berlin.
  • Two American players have a shot at facing Carlsen.

In 2016, Norway’s Magnus Carlsen defeated Russia’s Sergey Karjakin in a tight match held in New York to claim his third World Chess Championship title.

Carlsen, 27, will be going for the four-peat in London this November. It will be the climax of a big 2018, with the race to take on Magnus beginning in March with the Candidates Tournament.

For American chess fans, there will once again be a chance to root for the first US World Champ since Bobby Fischer. Fabiano Carunana, two-years younger than Carlsen and now the second-ranked player in the world, narrowly missed winning the previous Candidates, while Wesley So, a year younger than Caruana, has come on strong in the past few years and is currently world number six, residing just out side the 2800-rated club, at 2792 (both Carlsen and Caruana are rated above 2800).

Carlsen’s play since his WCC win in 2016 has been up-and-down. He came back on form mid-2017, but at the London Chess Classic in December he had a mediocre performance. Caruana, meanwhile, won that event, capping a recovery that pulled his world ranking back from a low of number five.

Both the Candidates and the World Chess Championship itself can be tough to handicap

Younger Carlsen challengers failed to overcome the Candidates challenge as Viswanathan Anand, a six-time WCC under the current incarnation of the title, took on Carlsen twice, losing both times.

The first bout, in 2013, saw Carlsen as the contender and Candidates winner and Anand as the champ, while the rematch found Anand as an unlikely Candidates victor; many had expected the Armenian Grandmaster Levon Read More Here