You’ve probably heard the adage that an organization’s greatest assets are its people. I’d like to take that one step further and share that, in my experience, it’s the relationships between those people that create the culture and in the end become an organization’s ultimate competitive advantage. In other words, relationships matter; nearly everything gets better when we focus on strengthening them. In my new book, Get Better: 15 Proven Practices to Build Effective Relationships at Work, I catalogue the 15 best and most effective methods to building an organization’s competitive advantage through better relationships.

Practice 1: Wear Glasses That Work

One of the biggest challenges to working with others effectively is being overly invested in your version of the truth. The “glasses” we choose to wear each day are the beliefs through which we see ourselves and everything around us. If we’re too invested in our point of view, we may miss seeing the true potential in ourselves or others

Practice 2: Carry Your Own Weather

If you believe that external things (like other people or situations) are the source of your unhappiness or happiness, life will always happen to you. If you want to have a more influence in your life, or, remember you have the freedom to choose to carry your own weather.

Practice 3: Behave Your Way to Credibility

We all have a reputation—whether we like it or not. That reputation has been built over the days, weeks, months or years you’ve been with your employer, your partner, your children and your friends. And it comes with a proven track record of behavior over time.

Practice 4: Play Your Roles Well

Playing your roles well is about identifying your most important roles, both professional and personal, and then deciding the meaningful contributions you want to make in each. If those impacted by you in Read More Here